In the Spring of 2013 Jamie with her Greek partners opened the first consignment store in the city of Thessaloniki. The entire idea of the store is to be a blessing to culture.

The first is that this store operates as a place were girls who are transitioning out of human trafficking can gain job training. The job climate in Greece is extremely difficult, and finding work would be nearly impossible for these girls who lack in skills a natural Greek would have. They can work along side the three partners who are all Christians and attend the same church. It allows job training in a wonderful work environment.

The second is that we feel that in business there is an opportunity to change culture. The crisis is hitting the county very hard, and this store gives people the opportunity to buy cheaper and have the opportunity to sell a few things. It is also a fantastic way to develop new and exciting relationships.

Last the store donates portions of every sale to the organization fighting human trafficking, A21. This venture is a blessing to every part that is involved!

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