Thessaloniki is a city of 1.5 million people. The need is everywhere. Your support allows us to touch those who need help. This can happen though bringing hope and education to gypsy refugees who live in total poverty. Their main source of income is through begging or digging through trash containers. Their homes have no water or electricity, and sadly thousands of these Roma people live in desperate of the city.

You allow us to bring joy and assistance to women who have been caught in the modern slavery of human trafficking. Thessaloniki is a primary destination city to bring woman from all over Eastern Europe, former Soviet countries, and Africa. Once moved to our city known as “the parking lot” these women are often sent to other locations in the European Union.

You allow us to reach out to one of the largest University campuses in the country that has an enrollment of 86,500 students. Most of these students have a bleak view of the future, and we connect with them to improve their English, which will help them get a better job. As they connect with foreigners their worldview is enlarged and they open up to a broader way of thinking and believing.

Your dedication allows the iheart coffee house to be a place of acceptance and warmth for those who need a positive voice in their life. It is a place where a passion for God can be revived and a launching point to fund social causes in our community.

You also give us the opportunity to invest into the small national church movement across the country. With a population that is almost 100% Orthodox, we find it important to encourage those who have similar core values. This band of churches might be few in number, but they are reaching out to a community of believers, strengthening and encouraging them for the future. We find it a privilege to assist them in any way possible. And we you will help us in a launch of a new church in the city of Thessaloniki. We are part of a core team that will start an exciting work in Fall of 2012.

We cannot be here without your generosity, and the need truly is everywhere.

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